ESTA for Singaporean Citizens

It is mandatory for each Singaporean national to apply for a U.S. visa in Singapore. An ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa waiver is obligatory for those who are planning to travel to the United States. The application process online is quick and simple and you will spend only a few minutes to fill out the form. Singapore citizens must hold a valid passport in order to apply for an ESTA. ESTA VISA for Singapore citizens is valid to travel to the United States for Tourism, Business, Medical or Transit purposes. Once you have a valid passport you only need to fill out your personal information, answer a couple of background questions, pay the ESTA fee and submit the order to our agents. All nationals from Singapore and other visa waiver countries, who are about to travel to the United States for not more than 90 days should apply for ESTA at least 72 hours before their departure.

ESTA Singapore

Do Singaporeans need a visa or an ESTA to enter the US?

Yes, the U.S. ESTA travel authorization for Singaporeans is an obligatory legal requirement for nationals from Singapore planning to visit the United States. The ESTA allows the U.S. government officers to monitor Singaporean visitors prior to their arrival in the United States. The aim of the ESTA travel authorization program is to boost U.S. border security and increase the security of U.S. citizens as well as foreign visitors remaining on U.S. soil. Guests from Singapore will not be admitted to the U.S. without a valid ESTA travel authorization. Singaporean passport holders heading to the U.S. for holiday or business purposes must hold a valid ESTA visa prior to boarding any air or sea vessel, some airlines might require the proof of valid ESTA.

Is it easy for Singaporean Citizens to get an ESTA for USA?

The ESTA application process for Singaporean nationals is very simple. To apply for the U.S. visa in Singapore, visitors must fill out a simple online application, which should take them not more than 15-20 minutes per application. Most applications are being approved within the first 24 hours. However, Singaporean visitors should allow 72 hours to get the final result. It is advised to apply for the U.S. visa application from Singapore at least 3 days before your departure to The United States. Approved ESTA is valid for 2 years, however, each stay must not exceed 90 days.

If you have lost your Singapore ESTA to the United States, and you applied through us, you can always contact us and we will help you to recover your valid ESTA. On approved ESTA Singaporean citizens are allowed to enter the U.S. by air or sea, for business, tourism, medical or transit purposes.

ESTA Requirements for Singaporean Passport Holders

It is mandatory for Singapore citizens to hold a valid ESTA prior to boarding an aircraft or ship to the United States. Singapore nationals must hold a valid, unexpired passport to apply for an ESTA. Singaporeans must apply for their ESTA visa at least 72 hours prior to their travel date. ESTA can be used to travel for holiday or business purposes. 

Each Singaporean visitor must hold an ESTA, The U.S. visa for Singapore citizens, infants, as well as adults or senior citizens, are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization. The estimated average time to complete the online ESTA application is 15-20 minutes. ESTA is multi-entry travel authorization allowing Singaporeans and other Visa Waiver program countries to visit the United States multiple times within 2 years, however, one visit must not exceed 90 days. 

In order to apply for an ESTA authorization, Singapore passport holders must provide the following:

  • A valid passport;
  • A valid Credit Card (to pay ESTA fee);
  • They will need to provide their contact information;
  • Information on their travel destination in the United States;
  • Information on recent employment if applicable.

Once approved it is not necessary to print out your ESTA. Approved ESTA for Singapore nationals is directly linked to the passport

Singapore citizens should take into account that some airlines might require proof of valid ESTA. It might be useful to have your ESTA printed out in case you need to check your ESTA status with your ESTA reference number. 

How to Apply for an ESTA From Singapore

Singapore citizens can apply for their ESTA, the United States visa for new Singaporean nationals, online by filling a simple online application form on our website.

Singapore passport holders should allow 15-20 minutes per applicant to complete ESTA the U.S. visa form, collect the mandatory documents and read the questionnaire carefully, in order to fill the form correctly. We will explain how to apply for the US tourist visa from Singapore. A quick explanation on how to apply for an ESTA below:

  • Make sure that your Singapore passport is valid for at least another 6 months. If you have dual nationality, you will be required to insert information from all your passports.
  • You will be required to type the first and last names of your parents. If it is not applicable to you, type “UNKNOWN”.
  • You will be required to provide emergency contact information. The name, telephone number and email address of a person or entity that will be contacted in case of an accident or an emergency. 
  • You will have to provide U.S. Contact Person Details. The name, telephone number, and address. 
  • You will have to answer some background questions at the end of the application form.
  • Pay the fee with your credit card.

Once we will receive your order for the U.S. visa for Singapore, we will submit your application and send you the final result within 72 hours.

What can I do if ESTA US is denied to a Singaporean passport holder?

Singaporeans who are planning to visit the US are required to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) under the visa waiver system. This can be simply done online, however, visitors must note that they might not get an ESTA authorization. Approved ESTA can be also canceled at any time and it does not secure your entrance to the US.

This is not impossible and it might appear for different reasons. It might be a system mistake or other equivalent reasons including errors or oversights on the ESTA application form, or a criminal conviction, including drunk driving. 

If you have visited or transited through, any foreign countries that are on the U.S. banned list, you will not get your Singaporean ESTA to the United States approved. Those countries are as follows: Venezuela, North Korea, Libya, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Chad.  ESTA travel authorization is not operated by the United States embassy, the concerned government body is the Department of Homeland Security. 

Once you have been denied an ESTA, but you still wish to travel to the United States, we advise you to apply for a non-immigrant visa. Once ESTA has been denied visitors may apply for a B2 Tourist Visa or B1 Business Visa. If you want to apply for a visa, you must fill out the DS-160 form online. You will be required to provide details of your previous visits to the U.S. and other personal data.

Furthermore, you will have to get an appointment to visit the nearest embassy in person. A consular officer will review your request and reschedule your interview if you qualify for an expedited interview. Moreover, depending on the type of visa, visitors might be required to present additional documents to explain their travel plans and purposes before entering the United States.